Possible changes to Harris Teeter e-Vic coupons

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Do you have any Harris Teeter digital e-Vic coupons available to load today?

Check your account and let us know.

I am hearing about some new changes possibly coming to their digital coupons program.

Multiple readers have contacted me to let me know that their digital e-Vic coupons were not coming off in the last few days. One reader was told by Harris Teeter customer service that they are making changes to the e-Vic coupons program but did not elaborate.

I have reached out to Harris Teeter corporate and I’ll update when we have additional information.

In the meantime, check your Harris Teeter account and let us know if you have any coupons today. I only have 3 on my account including Mahatma rice, Aquafresh and Biotene.

My thanks to everyone who has contacted me this morning about the issue.


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