What To Do When Weight Loss Stalls

There comes a point in every person’s weight loss journey when they feel they are unable to shed anymore weight even after sticking to the same diet and daily exercise, and when the weighing scale refuses to show lower numbers, it can be extremely frustrating. In fact, you might even question the whole purpose of staying on the diet and exercise program if the results are not showing. Don’t worry and please don’t panic, it’s the stage where you have hit plateau and with a few tips and tricks, it’s very much possible to jumpstart weight loss all over again. All it would take is to make some adjustments. So, without further ado, here’s what you should do when weight loss seems to have stalled.

What To Do When Weight Loss Stalls

1. Are you Having a Cheat Meal? In the eagerness to lose weight, some of us may totally avoid indulging in a “cheat meal” once a week. Contrary to what you think, cheat meals are essential to reset metabolism, satisfy cravings, prevent binge eating, to overcome weight loss plateau, and most importantly, to stick to your diet plan better. That’s why Rati Beauty weight loss diets promote indulging a cheat meal once a week to boost weight loss efforts. It’s a reward-based diet strategy that allows you to indulge in your favorite food outside of your diet program once a week and also sets the stage for burning of extra body fat further.

2. Lower Calories A Bit: Cut down a few extra calories from your diet and increase your activity level. Start by lowering 100 calories and try to burn 100 or 200 calories. But make sure you are not dropping beyond 1200 calories, otherwise it may backfire because you might be compromising on nutrients and lose muscle mass as well in the process.

3. Get 7 Hours of Sleep Every Night: Getting good quality sleep, and that too for at least 7 to 8 hours, can do wonders for the whole weight loss process. You can literally have no food during the day and exercise like crazy for hours, but without a good night’s sleep, you are not going to shed any weight. The better you sleep at night, the more efficient and strong the metabolism would become, and quicker the rate at which you would come out of the weight loss plateau. Additionally, 7 hours of sleep would help reduce cortisol level (stress hormone), which is one of the major reasons for weight gain.

4. Lower your Cortisol and Stress Levels: Stress is extremely detrimental in your weight loss journey. Increased stress elevates cortisol levels in the body which can bring fat burning to a grinding halt. In fact, stress can encourage fat storage at all the wrong places in the body, especially around the belly area! So, de-stress, practice yoga, and lower your cortisol levels.

5. Amp up the Protein Factor: Protein is an important macronutrient and more so if you are trying to lose weight and build muscle. If you have hit the plateau, increase the protein content because it has  thermogenic properties, keeps you fuller for longer, increases metabolism, and burns more calories in the process. Eat a protein-rich diet during the day – find such meal plans on the Rati Beauty app.

6. Try These 21 Tricks To Boost Metabolism: Metabolism is the mechanism which takes place inside your body that converts calories into energy form. This mechanism is at work even when you are resting, sitting, and even sleeping and needed to produce energy for all bodily functions. With consistent weight loss, the body starts to lower metabolism to conserve energy, and that’s why you have to find ways to boost it, and here’s a list of “21 Tricks to Boost your Metabolism.”

7. Try HIIT: HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and not only does a short-duration HIIT burn more calories, it helps release of stored fat and most of it happens when your body is resting. The best thing about HIIT is that your body burns more calories even hours after the workout has been done. Check out this 7-Minute HIIT Routine that anyone can do in the comfort of one’s home.


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