Xiaomi India Offers Discounts in Exchange for Recycling Your Old Electronics

Xiaomi India Offers Discounts in Exchange for Recycling Your Old Electronics

Xiaomi has announced an e-waste management programme called Mi India Product Take-Back & Recycling Program for the country. As the name of the programme suggests, the company will be taking non-operational electronic products, irrespective of their brand, for recycling purposes and, in exchange, provide them with Rs. 100 discount coupons, which can be used at company’s online store at a minimum purchase of Rs. 1,000.

Notably, the recycling programme is only meant for the End of Life products and Xiaomi will not be offering repairs or replacements for the damaged or faulty products. “To act responsibly towards the environment, we have pledged to recycle electronic items, such as mobiles, power banks, speakers, headphones, etc. that are intended to be discarded as waste by the consumer,” the company said in a post. Xiaomi said that e-waste management solutions are currently offered by TES-AMM India.

In order to hand over your product, you need to fill in company’s online form after logging into your Mi account. After filling in the form, Mi India’s authorised recycler will contact you within 7 days and the products will be collected within 15 days of raising the pickup request. Users will not be charged any fee to get their products recycled through this programme.

This can be seen as an extremely positive and an eco-friendly step taken by the Chinese smartphone maker and we would like to encourage all our readers who own non-operational electronic products to take part in this programme and hand over their devices to the company instead of throwing them away in garbage. E-waste is considered to be a serious issue around the world and it is good to see Xiaomi taking this responsibility in India




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