Apple Watch Gets Standalone Hermes Bands
Apple Watch Gets Standalone Hermes Bands

Apple has announced that it would soon start selling Apple Watch Hermes standalone bands in new colours. Previously, users would have to buy the Watch and the Fauve (Brown) band together from the Apple Store.

Buyers will soon be able to buy Double Tour, Single Tour, and Cuff bands in Fauve (Brown), Feu (Red), Blanc (White), Bleu Paon (Green), and Bleu Saphir (Blue) colour variants. These bands will be available starting April 19.

On the company site, Apple details the standalone bands, which are listed under the ‘Coming Soon’ tag, saying, “Match the look of your Apple Watch to any outfit with an additional Hermes leather band. Available in three designs and multiple colors, these easily interchangeable bands quickly update your signature style.”

apple_watch_hermes_bands_colours.jpgWhile Apple has not yet listed prices for the standalone Hermes bands, A Blog to Watch has listedprices starting from $340 (roughly Rs. 22,600) for the Single Tour, $490 (roughly Rs. 32,600) for Double Tour, and $690 (roughly Rs. 45,900) for the Cuff.

Last month Apple launched new Watch sport Bands and Leather Bands in new colours. Also unveiled were Woven Nylon bands that feature a four-layer construction. They are priced at $49 (roughly Rs. 3,200). Apple also introduced a Space-Black Milanese loop, which is priced at $199 (roughly Rs. 13, 240) – or $50 (roughly Rs. 3,320) more than the Silver Milanese loop.

The Cupertino-based tech company recently also introduced a new tool, essentially an interactive gallery, that lets interested buyers view how a particular model will look with different straps. This new tool lets users mix and match different Apple Watch models with a range of straps and watch faces, helping them to decide the final combination.

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