25 Tips for Updating Old Blog Posts for SEO & Boosting Organic Traffic

    Earlier this year, we updated 24 old blog posts. The result? A 75% increase in website traffic. Imagine the impact you’d experience by almost doubling your website traffic. You’d see more sign-ups, email subscribers, and revenue, right? While most teams focus on pumping out new content, the reality is, you can generate more results from tending […]

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    What is google analytics? We all know that google provides tools and services to make our work easier. Google Analytics is one of those tools that helps website owners to manage and analyze the data of their website. Google Analytics helps you to track and analyze website traffic. For example, where your website viewers are […]

  • Introducing Facebook Platform SDK v13.0 & Related Updates

    Today we are releasing Facebook SDK v13.0 and additional updates to our Facebook Platform SDKs. This post outlines these updates and the required steps developers should take to avoid disruption, where necessary, for their application(s) integration with our platform. Here is a quick overview of some of the updates included as part of the SDK […]

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    Eureka College Offers Matching Tuition to All Lincoln College Students

    In an effort to help the Lincoln College students succeed and complete their bachelor degrees, Eureka College will be matching the net tuition cost for all Lincoln College students who choose to transfer to Eureka. In addition, any students who meet the criteria for the Eureka Promise program, will be awarded the full tuition scholarship, […]

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    Natwar Singh writes on champion of the downtrodden Dr BR Ambedkar

    The author of the book ‘Ambedkar’, is a member of The Planning Commission, an establishment totally or almost totally lacking creativity, innovation or imagination. Professor Jadhav is a distinguished exception. He studied in the United States, obtaining PhD in Economics. The last worthwhile book on Ambedkar was written by Dr. Dhananjay Keer. It was published […]

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    Comfortable Fashion Trends for Everyone

    Everyone wants to look good, but if looking good is not comfortable, what’s the use? Most people will agree that your wardrobe can define who you are. It is one thing to look at an outfit in a magazine and admire the design. It is another thing to wear it. Coming out of a season […]

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    How to Create Captivating News Content for Your Blog

    Creating content isn’t what it used to be 10 years ago. Heck, it isn’t even the same as it was last year. Consider this: Before COVID, Google search traffic was approximately 3.6 billion searches per day. That’s a lot, yes… but since March 2020, that number has been hovering around 6 billion searches per day. The […]