When a flash drive USB is not just a USB; and we have massive kitchen envy over Nigella’s new digs.

For her new BBC2 series At My Table, Nigella is ensconced in a brand-new kitchen, a place of wonder and brick-sized waffle irons; a veritable treasure trove of culinary hardware and all-round foodie grooviness.

In Nigella Lawson’s kitchen, every last teaspoon or stray teacup has to earn its place at the table.

7 tips to ensure a flourishing indoor herb garden

If you live in an apartment block or, have a tiny garden and would love to start your own herb garden, we have good news for you:  don’t allow either of these factors to deter you.

You really can create your own herb garden indoors – all you need is a sunny balcony or, an unused space on your naturally-lit kitchen counter. Picture: Supplied

5 hacks to get the most out of your USB flash drive

Did you know this storage device can do much more? Marchelle Abrahams investigates…

Dead Drops is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space, making them accessible to anybody in the public space.

Bathroom trend alert: Colours for a fresh, new look

Having the confidence to mix traditional and new colours that is best suited to each bathroom – regardless of shape or design is key.

These sorbet colours will bring a cheerfulness to this year’s colour combinations. Picture: Supplied

Why are so many household staples a nightmare to recycle?

Every day, millions of us drop a plastic bottle or cardboard container into the recycling bin — and we feel we’re doing our bit for the environment.

File photo: What the bottle doesn’t tell me is that the glossy printed “sleeve” that snugly encases it is made from polymer film. Picture: Reuters


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