Jet Airways launches pre-paid coupons for its domestic and international flights

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NEW DELHI: Jet Airways has launched travel coupon booklets which can be used across its network for both domestic and international flights. Called “global Jet pass”, the booklet of four coupons or tickets can be bought for Rs 50,000 for economy class and for over Rs 1 lakh for business class travel.

“This is the first time that pre-paid coupons have been launched for use on an airline’s domestic and international network. The coupons do not have any date change or cancellation fee. The USP of this product is that one can buy the coupons and then use them for travel even during peak season when fares are high. Also they are transferable so one can give the coupon to anyone else for travel too,” a Jet Airways official said.

Jet has divided its sectors into four zones for these coupons. Zone 1 includes all domestic flights; destinations in the subcontinent like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka; Gulf and Bangkok. On these flights, a person needs to use one coupon each way.

Zone two is for longer international routes like Mumbai-Hong Kong and Delhi/Bangalore-Singapore. These sectors will require two coupons each way. Sector three, which will need three coupons for each way travel, includes Jet’s flights between India and its European points like London, Paris and Amsterdam. And finally zone 4 includes Jet’s flights from India to Toronto via Amsterdam.

“The coupon booklet have a validity of three months. At the time of buying, the flyer does not need to tell us which sectors he or she intends to fly to. These coupons have no date change or cancellation charge. The best part is that one can buy this booklet and plan travel in peak travel season without worrying about higher spot fares in those times,” the Jet official said.

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Interesting concept like open date tickets. Seems an intelligent plot to get some cash to pay lessors or Oil companies.Hare Krishna Agrawal

But what is the guarantee that a person will get a seat in peak travel periods on making a booking on these booklets? “The fare point of this booklet sits on the higher fare availability in our inventory. It is the sixth from bottom fare level. So at that level, there is a 90% chance people will get seats on the flights they want,” the official said.

At the coupon fare level, he said, the fare on Mumbai-Singapore would be Rs 72,000 and Rs 85-90,000 on London flights. “Mumbai-London at that fare level in business will be Rs 2.26 lakh for a return ticket. Here one will need six coupons costing Rs 1.5-1.7 lakh. The Jet pass is a good option for leisure travellers who want to decide later, closer to date of travel as they will have the flexibility to choose their destination. Corporates can insulate themselves from fare hikes in peak travel season,” the official said

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