Retail Stores ‘Cut’ Paper Coupons, Move to Digital

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SARTELL — The days of clipping coupons seem to be numbered. Technology has intervened and now many retailers are offering digital, paperless coupons.

Coborn’s along with WalgreensTarget and several other major retailers are moving into the future by offering paperless coupons. Kevin Hurd is the Communications Specialist with Coborn’s. He says their More Rewards program has led customers to drop their scissors.

“It allows are guests, when they come into the store, when they purchase certain items, they get a fuel discount on that item. Those fuel discounts can accumulate and it can be used to save you money at the pump.”

To make it more convenient, Hurd says shoppers have the option to use the More Rewards App.

“There’s a lot of power within the app, the weekly shopping lists, you can look at items that are on sale, you can view your personalized ad flier right in the app, really a lot of power right in the palm of your hand when you’re shopping in our stores.”

The personalized ad flier gives More Rewards members a list of items that they commonly buy and shows them if they are on sale.

In connection with More Rewards, Coborn’s is also offering their popular Penny Pincher coupons as paperless.

“So the people that are More Rewards members, all they have to do is when they get those Penny Pincher items is bring them up to the front of the store and at check out the coupon will automatically deduct at the register for them.”

Coborn’s isn’t finished expanding its variety of paperless coupons. Hurd says they’ll soon have national vendor coupons.

“You’ll go ahead use those coupons at check out, the discount will be applied and then you’ll actually get that back as a rebate on the next transaction.”

Retailers that offer paperless coupons typically display them on their main website, or through the associated app. For Coborn’s you can become a More Rewards member by following the link below.

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