Stunning ideas for awkward corner walls

Image result for Stunning ideas for awkward corner wallsWhen it comes to designing a space, every inch counts. This includes awkward corners and oddly shaped walls. Whether you live in a bungalow or an apartment, odd spaces in a home are inevitable and often result in awkwardly designed spaces.”These may be seen in the form of uneven window frames, angular walls and columns, alcoves, attic or vacant space below a flight of stairs. Sometimes, they stick out like a sore thumb or go unnoticed. However, ignoring the space or treating it with an ill-matched design solution will affect the overall aesthetic of a room,” says Anushka Shetty, architect and interior designer, Bharat Shetty Architects & Interior Designers. Instead of ignoring such spaces, we must embrace them, as a simple vision can transform an odd corner in your home into a stunning design narrative.
Take advantage of these spaces

Asymmetrical rooms with odd corners or layouts and slanted ceilings are often overlooked and undervalued. If treated well, they too can become functional areas and contribute to a cohesive look.Chirag Swain, architect and interior designer of Chirag Design Studio, suggests playing around with flooring space. To resolve the design challenges thrown up by a peculiar floor plan, pick an asymmetrical rug, which becomes the focal point and draws attention away from the imbalance of space. Unusual corners can also be accessorised by placing oversized accents like wall art, vases and mirrors. The space can be put to good use by creating a cosy study area. A huge accent chair, an ottoman and a coffee table will provide comfortable seating. “For such odd spaces, round furniture pieces are the ideal solution as their softer edges grab attention instantly. Invest in furniture that has curved silhouettes and smooth lines,” adds Swain.Another way to style up such nooks is by introducing decor elements to transform the look and feel of these spaces.”According to me, no corner is an odd corner; no space is uncomfortable in the house. Filling the corner with lamps, flowers or any decorative object can lend a refreshing touch to the room.Basically, avoid leaving the space empty; add a standing mirror. Alternatively, fill up the corner with a low hanging chandelier,” says Raseel Gujral Ansal, founder, Casa Paradox.

If you have a column jutting out of the wall near the entrance, transform it into a creative or functional area to optimise the space. “By creating a box element and adding an ornamental console, a modern temple can be built. On the other hand, a tall unit used as a shoe rack makes way for creating a small seating space at the entrance,” says Shetty.

Similarly, if you have an angular wall, use it to your advantage, “An an gular wall in a living room can be adapted to create a bay that houses a decorative console and a collection of art,” adds Shetty. A stunning piece of cabinet furniture or corner console tables will in fact make such spaces functional. Paint such spaces in a monotone colour to make it look more balanced; softer colours such as cream and light grey are the preferred choices. With so many creative design solutions on offer, it’s time to stop ignoring the awkward corners and start thinking of ways to enhance them.

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