Will virtual reality finally break out in 2020?

    Maybe this will be the year virtual reality goes mainstream. If we say it enough times we’ll be right eventually, yeah? But it really does feel like 2020 might be the year. Four years into consumer virtual reality, I finally feel excited again. The hardware is great, and cheaper than ever before. The games are […]

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    Virtual Horse Games for Kids

    Many kids are enamored with horses. The look and feel of them sneaks its way into little hearts every day. If your child dreams of owning a horse, virtual horse games for kids may be viable alternative. Some of the interactive games for children offer realistic experiences for kids to enjoy and learn. Online Horse Games Finding […]

    Amazon patents a mirror that dresses you in virtual clothes

    Have you ever fretted over buying a suit or dress online for a wedding or another flashy event, wondering how it would look on your frame or if it would even fit? That might not be a problem soon now that Amazon has patented a blended-reality mirror that lets you try on clothes virtually while placing you […]

    Researchers dress virtual avatars with digitally captured clothing

    Figure 1: ClothCap enables automatic transfer of 3D clothing to new bodies. Captured subject on the left. Synthetic animation on the right for a new body. Credit: MPI-IS, Perceiving Systems Department Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS) have developed technology to digitally capture clothing on moving people, turn it into a […]

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    Could Business Meetings of the Future Be in Virtual Reality?

    A new offering from virtual reality company Oculus, now owned by Facebook, could have interesting implications for small businesses. Oculus Rooms and Parties are new features for Gear VR users. They’ll also be available on Oculus Rift devices in 2017. Parties are essentially group voice calls that take place in virtual reality. You can add […]

    Samsung Galaxy S8 to Launch With AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

    Samsung Galaxy S8 to Launch With AI-Powered Virtual Assistant Samsung Electronics said Sunday it will offer an artificial intelligence assistant service in the upcoming flagship smartphone, as the South Korean firm seeks recovery from its global smartphone recalls. The Galaxy S8 will let users order food or perform other tasks without going through a third-party […]

    iMCO’s CoWatch Smartwatch Launches with Alexa Virtual Assistant

    iMCO’s CoWatch Smartwatch Launches with Alexa Virtual Assistant HIGHLIGHTS The smartwatch brings mostly all of Alexa’s functionality The smartwatch runs on an Android-based OS called Cronologics The CoWatch smartwatch is available on Amazon starting at $279 Fans of Amazon’s Alexa will be happy to know that their favourite voice-controlled virtual assistant is now coming to […]

    IndiGo Launches Pre-Paid Virtual Coupon Scheme for Flyers

    New Delhi: No-frills carrier IndiGo on Tuesday rolled out a new pre-paid virtual coupon scheme for regular flyers, which allows a customer to use them at any time of travel without worrying about price fluctuations. Passengers availing the scheme named ‘6E Pass’ will be able to purchase pre-paid virtual flight coupons and use them as […]