Why Open Floor Plan Is The Present Buzzword In Kolkata Residential Projects?
Open Floor Convenience

With what exact pursuit do you search for Residential Projects In Kolkata ? To own a home where-

♦ Freedom of space will be optimum

♦ And you can strike the right work-life balance


Then an apartment with open floor planning is the cue for you to pick. But, what in essence, is this concept?

Well, an open floor plan blends:

♦ Kitchen & Dining


♦ Dining & Living


♦ Living, Dining & Kitchen

of a house into one single & much bigger space (than these areas respectively could be), by letting go off walls & –

• Creating, in turn, valuable roof space through vaulted arch ceiling.

Whether an one-bedroom flat or a duplex, open floor plan ideas can get implemented to any apartment type, catering options to-

» Have more & newer spaces for storage

» Install those custom-made big wardrobes & yet not get any ‘stuffy’ feel

» Experiment with furniture layouts & utilize corners for novel purposes

» Ready access to any part of the kitchen or living area & easy communication with family members across those spaces

» Gain ample of sunlight through skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows (as is your apartment’s size) & thus ensure no more gloomy nooks around own home

This USP of integrating spaces & thus maximizing functionality of an apartment – irrespective of its carpet area, is one prime reason

Residential Projects In Kolkata Are Including Open Floor Plan Homes

But That Is Not The Sole Factor

As work from home & online classes become the chief criterions in the post-pandemic world, the boundary between working hours & family time gets blurred, along with need to take special care of your child, who is at home all day around.

Thereby rises the need for a space –

» From where one can work, watch own kid & manage home responsibilities as well.

And this is the very second factor, that is stimulating more of present generation of home-buyers to ask realtors for open floor planning, which allows for:

» Synchronizing work & household duties to perfection

By making the kitchen, living &dining a continued stretch of space, open floor plan homes offer:

• 180-degree vision throughout the prime areas of a flat

• & free movement for adults & children around

Imagine working at your cozy living area corner, while keeping an eye over own child, who enjoys the free flow of space for playing at home only.

Or installing an eat-in island at own open kitchen, where you can conveniently place own tab or phone & finish the office calls or final touch-ups to a PPT, while carrying on with cooking.

Or making conversations with parents at the living area, while you complete a quick lunch at the dining table.

A nook for your coffee machine for cutting the stress of continuing work from home? Open floor planning can make that possible too.

In fact, as opines a top-notch Kolkata real estate company , the scope to-

♦ Create unique & personalized corners within an open space & thus not having to isolate oneself at own bedroom

♦ Also gives leverage to the demand for open floor plans.

As further comments the firm, in place of dividing the living & dining or kitchen or dining into two small & stuffy areas via walls, people are opting for contemporary pocket doors or tempered glass partitions-

» Which can readily create their privacy corner when needed

» And be removed if to utilize the total space

Since lockdown regulations & social distancing protocols are making people more home-oriented, they are endeavoring to –

Make own house or apartment the singular place for working, spending family weekends & partying with peers.

Now to fulfill that, contemporary-style furniture like daybeds, hidden cabinets, stand-alone shelves, buffet-cum-study tables, pull-down wine cabinet emerge essentials –

» Fit for installation over open floor spaces only

Forget not as well, the yearly 7.4% increase in property value for your open floor plan apartment.

And stay connected with us for accessing exclusive deals on market-best Residential Projects In Kolkata.


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