IN MID-APRIL, an arsenal of powerful software tools apparently designed by the NSA to infect and control Windows computers was leaked by an entity known only as the “Shadow Brokers.” Not even a whole month later, the hypothetical threat that criminals would use the tools against the general public has become real, and tens of thousands […]

    Made-To-Order Clothing Is An Opportunity Tailor-Made For Amazon

    (TOMMASO BODDI/AFP/Getty Images) Fashion industry insiders love to count Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com AMZN -0.61% out when it comes to unlocking the secret world of fashion. From their perspective, Bezos may know how to sell clothing, but he doesn’t know fashion, which is why the success Amazon.com has found in retailing more utilitarian and functional […]

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    Is Trump wise to take on China over trade?

    US President Donald Trump has said that trade negotiations with China will be “very difficult” when he meets President Xi Jinping in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, on Thursday. Trade will be one of two key issues on the agenda, along with North Korea. But what’s the problem – and what can Trump do about it? Buying Chinese […]

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    Pixel is the rebirth of Google’s unrealized Motorola dream

    MORE LIKE THIS Some important things to know about Google’s Pixel phone and Verizon… Google’s Pixel phone is much more than the sum of its parts Andromeda? Making sense of an Android-Chrome OS marriage VIDEO Review: Huawei’s Mate 9 gives good value for the price Android Intelligence Analysis 3 months with Google Home: Fun,… The […]

    Lenovo’s Yoga A12 is super-slim budget version of the Yoga Book

    Lenovo’s Yoga Book was received well by the internet, with many praising its unique and innovative design, but criticizing the software. The Chinese company is back again with a new Android tablet that builds on the Book’s success, the A12, with a larger screen and a modified version of Android on board. The A12 has […]

    Extreme Content Creators, GoPro Karma Drone Is Back

    As far as drones go, the GoPro Karma was one of the most anticipated drones in 2016. At first glance the Karma looked great (and still does by the way.) It had some great features, a lot of accessories, and of course it was part of the GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) brand. Its success seemed pretty much […]

    The Moto X Pure Edition is an Anti-Bloatware Smartphone

    Usefulness Functionality Price Summary Most smartphones are sold with carrier bloatware on top of manufacturer bloatware, but the value of a phone that’s “pure Android” is to eliminate much of that annoyance. The Moto X Pure Edition is the third and latest iteration of the Moto X, and surprisingly priced lower than 2014’s Moto X. […]

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    The 3 Line Menu Icon: What is a Hamburger Menu?

    What if I told you that websites and smartphones had hamburgers in them? You would probably think that I have totally lost it after coming off my meds. But it’s absolutely true, I kid you not. When you open an app on your smartphone or some websites today, you could be looking at a hamburger […]

    Small Business Apple Users, MacOS Sierra Is Here

    While Apple might not admit it, the company seems to have a clear preference for iOS, leaving macOS and its users a bit under appreciated. But the company is slowly adding new capabilities to its desktop operating system, making its latest major release, macOS Sierra, the closest it has come so far to an iPhone […]

    ShareFile Is Big Business-Grade File Sync and Share Solution Built for Small Business

    Usefulness Functionality Price Summary ShareFile is an enterprise-grade file sync and share solution that is uniquely designed for specific customer workflow and collaboration environments across multiple verticals. ShareFile, owned by Citrix Systems (NASDAQ:CTXS), is a SaaS product that allows you to choose where to securely store your files and documents, which could either be on […]