Can the Headspace App Teach You How to Meditate and Be Less Stressed Out?

    HIGHLIGHTS Headspace is a mindfulness app that teaches meditation The app is free but most lessons require a subscription It has a great design, and is very encouraging to newcomers Our world is increasingly becoming digital. We spend most of our time staring at screens, knowing full well that this affects sleep. Stress and insomnia are […]

    Asus ZenFone AR Review

    HIGHLIGHTS The Asus ZenFone AR is the first device to support AR as well as VR It is powered by a modified Snapdragon 821 and has 8GB of RAM The ZenFone AR has motion and depth sensing cameras at the rear There is no denying that smartphones are evolving at a rapid pace. We constantly […]

    Acer Swift 3 Review

    HIGHLIGHTS The laptop is powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU and has 8GB of RAM The keyboard is comfortable to use and overall performance is good The Acer Swift 3 is priced at Rs. 61,900 When it comes to aggressive laptop pricing, it’s hard to beat Acer. The Taiwanese manufacturer has always offered cut-throat prices in […]

    Apple, Cochlear Partner on First ‘Made-for-iPhone’ Hearing Implant Sound Processor

    HIGHLIGHTS New cochlear implant sound processor will be available later this year Nucleus 7 Sound Processor said to be “made-for-iPhone” It works with Nucleus Smart App available from the App Store Cochlear, a company focused at implantable hearing solutions, has teamed up with Apple to unveil the first “made-for-iPhone” cochlear implant sound processor. With the […]

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    Foxconn Announces Plans to Build $10-Billion LCD Manufacturing Plant in the US

    HIGHLIGHTS Foxconn on Wednesday announced plans to build a $10 billion plant in US Donald Trump claimed that it would not have happened without his efforts The new $10-billion plant will eventually employ up to 13,000 people Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn on Wednesday announced plans to build a $10 billion (roughly Rs. 64,111 crores) LCD […]

    Windows Bug Bounty Program Announced With Payouts Up to $250,000

    HIGHLIGHTS Microsoft will pay bounties up to $250,000 for finding bugs in Windows 10 Microsoft has been running the bounty programme since 2012 Other companies like Google, Facebook also run their bug bounty programs To ensure Windows 10 is secure and bug-free, Microsoft has announced a fresh round of Windows Bounty Programme that will reward the bug […]

    Exactly what could quantum computers do?

    They picked a knotty problem – understanding how the enzyme nitrogenase allows plants to use nitrogen from the atmosphere to make their own fertilizer – something that is unknown. Computers available today, said EHT chemistry professor Markus Reiher can calculate the behaviour of simple molecules quite precisely, but not nitrogenase , which is too complex. […]

    How many coupons in the Sunday paper?

    How many coupon inserts will we have in the Sunday paper on August 6, 2017? There should be 4 inserts in the paper again this weekend! Look for 1 SmartSource insert and 3 RedPlum inserts on Sunday! And remember, Harris Teeter should be offering a Super Doubles event from August 6 – 8, so these […]

    Researchers dress virtual avatars with digitally captured clothing

    Figure 1: ClothCap enables automatic transfer of 3D clothing to new bodies. Captured subject on the left. Synthetic animation on the right for a new body. Credit: MPI-IS, Perceiving Systems Department Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS) have developed technology to digitally capture clothing on moving people, turn it into a […]

    The Age of Quantum Computers is upon us!

    The first electronic computer that was ever invented was the Turing Machine developed in 1936 which was a bulky device that had a size of a room and had very limited operations. By 1977 full-scale computers capable of complex computation and data processing started shipping in from companies including Apple and Commodore. In 1984 Mac […]