Toshiba’s memory biz sale attracts many including Apple

    Apple may be considering partnering with its China-based supplier Foxconn to purchase a major stake in Toshiba’s semiconductor unit. In January, Toshiba officially announced it would seek to sell a portion of its flash memory business, including the SSD business of the Storage & Electronic Device Solutions Division, to a not-yet-named buyer. The Nikkei Asian […]

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    Motivation Makes The Sale: Stay Optimistically Focused

    One of the most challenging aspects of sales is staying motivated – especially in the face of objections or rejection. A lot of salespeople engage in distraction or busy work instead of productive activities. Remaining motivated is essential to sales success. You have to keep moving forward no matter what you encounter. What Drives You? […]

    Amazon India Festive Sale: The Big Offers From Day One

    Amazon India Festive Sale: The Big Offers From Day One Amazon’s Great Indian Festive sale has begun. As expected, there’s something on offer for everyone. A large number of deals across all possible categories are now live. Here are a few quick tips to help you sail through all Amazon Great Indian Festive sale: 1) […]

    STCG on sale of listed shares will be taxed at flat 15%

    iStockPhoto My brother gifted me some equity shares, which he had bought. I now want to sell these shares. Will I be taxed? —Kavita Jha If an individual receives any property (other than immovable property), from any person during a financial year (FY) without consideration, the fair market value (FMV) of which exceeds Rs.50,000, then […]

    Sale proceeds of non-farm land can be remitted by NRIs

    iStockPhoto I’m a non-resident Indian (NRI) living in Germany and have inherited a piece of non-agricultural land in India. I am going to sell it soon. Can I repatriate the sale proceeds? —Ashish Sinha An NRI may remit an amount up to $1 million per financial year (i.e., 1 April to 31 March), out of […]

    Gains from sale of inherited property taxed as capital gains

    iStockPhoto I am selling my ancestral residential property, which will fetch around Rs.30 lakh. This will be equally divided among all the heirs. What will be the tax liability of this transaction? Can this money be deposited in a savings bank account? —Jay Sinha In the absence of complete facts, we have assumed that the […]

    Government Invites Merchant Bankers For Hudco Stake Sale

    New Delhi: Government has invited applications from merchant bankers to assist in carrying out the proposed disinvestment of Housing and Urban Development Corporation (Hudco). “The government of India is considering to divest 10 per cent paid-up equity capital of Hudco out of its shareholding of 100 per cent in the domestic market through initial public […]