We bet you didn’t know these things about coupons.

    More and more people are picking up their Sunday newspaper not just for the comics and crossword but for the coupons. Statistics show that more people than ever are couponing and saving big. We were curious about where coupons came from and what made them so popular – other than the free money of course! […]

    Stitch Fix IPO: 5 things to know about online clothing service

    Stitch Fix chooses items to send to shoppers based on customer profile, data and a stylist’s judgment Shopping for clothes is increasingly moving online and growing more personalized as retailers make stylists available to handpick items to ship to customers through subscription services. Unlike traditional retailers and brands like Under Armour Inc. UAA, -1.03% and Gap Inc. GPS, +1.52% Stitch Fix […]

    New Details Starting to Emerge About the Latest MacBook Air

    Apple may be launching the latest generation in the MacBook Air line by early next year. One report suggests that the new 12-inch device could be ready by March 2015. Blogger and noted Apple leaker Jack March reports that the new laptop from Apple will be fanless. This would allow the new device to be […]

    TV Reboots Are All About Brand Awareness (Watch)

    Get Ready For More TV Reboots In 2017 After Nearly A Century, NYC’s New Subway Line Is Finally Open Kate Middleton Is Now A Member Of The Royal Photographic Society NASA Has Big Plans For 2017 If you’ve ever wished that one of your favorite old TV shows would make a comeback, 2017 might just […]

    What’s Distressing About Distressed Clothing

      be fair, “Lmao wait one minute” is an apt response to this particular pair of sneakers. A grungy pinky-gray shade reminiscent of worn pointe shoes, these sneakers resemble a Twinkie in that they look not so much made as extruded. They’re scuffed and grimy, and they’ve got these dull burnished silver strips of duct […]

    3 Things You Need To Know When Making Green Claims About Products

    As more consumers look for greener choices in the marketplace, it’s not surprising that marketers are focusing on the environmental benefits of their products. However, green claims, as with any other advertising claim, must be backed up by sound science. Green advertising claims – whether in the form of product marketing, packaging or promotion – […]