The best Apple MacBook laptops for every budget

    It’s pretty easy to buy an Apple laptop: You pick one on the Apple website or store that fits your budget, and you buy it. But if you dig a little deeper into a laptop’s product page, you can find customizable options for certain specs, like the processor, storage space, and RAM. It’s perfect for […]

    Anushka Sharma’s new clothing line is for every girl-on-the-go

    From actor to producer, Anushka Sharma juggles many hats. And just when you thought she couldn’t possibly manage anymore, the star surprised her fans all over the world last evening, announcing the launch of her very own clothing line. “This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time,” Sharma revealed about the brand, […]

    McDonald’s Wrappers Were Used in Every Item of Clothing at This Fashion Show

    As per now-annual tradition, fashion design students in Miami put on a show featuring garments made completely of McDonald’s wrappers and accoutrements. Some of the outfits are wackier than others. While in Florida, shouty chef Gordon Ramsay cooked up a Burmese python — yes, the giant snake — for an upcoming segment of his Fox variety show/competition, The F Word. Twitter […]

    In Telangana, KCR Government Says Every 5th Land Deal Is Benami

    HYDERABAD: Every fifth property registered in Telangana is a benami or proxy deal, according to the K Chandrasekhar Rao government, which has ordered a massive crackdown on government offices quietly registering dubious land transactions. The practice of buying property in the name of someone other than the buyer with black money has been rampant in […]

    10 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts Every Mac User Should Know

    HIGHLIGHTS Apple MacBook line of laptops support intuitive multi-touch gestures There are many keyboard shortcuts that can get your work done faster These tips will be helpful if you’re moving from a Windows PC Apple’s Mac line of computers are known for supporting intuitive multi-touch gestures since 2011, with the release of OS X Lion. […]

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    A short every dayry of telling time

    We live in a world where time is all crucial. Nanoseconds mark the distinction among fulfillment or failureday-to-day make an digital transaction and in which we are constantly reminded of “the time”: of being early or late, of getting ignored an appointment or arriving “before time”. In these days’s international, time now governs our life. […]

    CMD Commands Every Windows User Must Know

    Back in the day, using a desktop computer meant typing in a range of commands. You have to realise that roughly two decades ago, there wasn’t any Start menu or a taskbar. The friendly graphics user interface as we know it today didn’t exist, and a black screen with a blinking cursor was all we […]

    9 Stages Every Successful Entrepreneur Goes Through

    When you take a step back and look at entrepreneurship, it becomes apparent that there is no single formula or process for success. In fact, if you try to follow another individual’s game plan, you’ll quickly discover that what works for them likely doesn’t work for you. That’s just the nature of entrepreneurship. However, in […]

    Every Successful Entrepreneur Had These Skills

    What is Entrepreneurship? It is the ability to flourish, organize, and command a business model involved with risks in order to a get a profit. It is an engine, which, when combined with Land, Natural Resources, and Capital can drive the economy in a positive manner. Entrepreneurs are characterized by their vision, their innovative techniques […]