5 Incredibly Simple Steps for a More Creative Workplace

    Which one would you pick: A job that inspires you to dream up some new idea every single day then work and build on them? Or one that needs you to do the same mindless, repetitive task day in and day out? That’s a no brainer. The first one, of course. The fact is, in today’s economy, a […]

    VR is Confusing, Isolating, and Incredibly Fun

    After a number of innovations in home entertainment technology, the latest claimant to our attention is virtual reality. With more and more manufacturers moving to bring it to the mainstream, the technology has taken a leap forward, and today, with virtual reality, you can experience entirely new visions of movies, and explore landscapes as if […]

    India an Incredibly Unique and Valuable Market: Microsoft

    India’s growing and robust startup culture, strong base of development partners and its large economy make it an “incredibly unique and valuable” market for Microsoft, senior executives at the technology giant have said. “India is unique in a number of different ways. In India, (there is) such an embrace of technology in development as a […]