Urbanears has sweat-soaked headphones, if that is what you are into

    what is the fine manner to sell a line of exercising headphones? nicely, if you‘re Urbanears, providing a “restricted Sweat version” that incorporates the perspiration of real human “movement makers” is how you cross approximately it. The audio enterprise teamed up with seven oldsters from fashion, track andsports on a group of sweat-soaked headphones that […]

    The actual property Act comes into pressure from 1st may 2016

    The real estate Act, designed to protect patron interest and enhance responsibility of developers, cameinto pressure on may additionally 1, 2016, putting in movement the technique of creating essentialoperational guidelines and introduction of institutional infrastructure. An legitimate statement stated that the policies can be made ‘inside a most length of six months’, as in keeping […]

    Xerox to Split Into Two, Icahn to Get Board Seats in One

    Xerox Corp said it would split into two companies, one holding its legacy hardware operations and the other its business process outsourcing unit, in which activist investor Carl Icahn will get three board seats. Icahn, who first revealed a stake in Xerox in November, had said he would seek representation on the company’s board as […]

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    Nasa’s Planet-Hunting Kepler Probe Goes Into Emergency Mode

    In a bad news for astronomers searching for extraterrestrial life in deep space, Nasa’s planet-hunting spacecraft Kepler has gone into an emergency mode 75 million miles from the Earth. The last regular contact with Kepler probe was on April 4. As Nasa engineers tried to manoeuvre the spacecraft to the centre of the Milky Way […]

    This Gadget Can Turn Your Phone Into a 3D Printer

    A US-based company claims to have created a portable device that lets users create 3D prints by using the light from their smartphone screen. The gadget called OLO is designed to be simple, consisting of three plastic pieces, one chip, and one motor, all operated by four AA batteries. It measures 720x1150x1480mm and weighs 780 […]

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    Bill Gates Says ‘Will Look Into’ Age of Empires Sequel

    Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one half of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, recently took to user-curated social news website Reddit to answer any questions people had in what he said was his fourth Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Gates dealt in a lot of topics, from bio-terrorism to his life at Harvard […]

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    Practo to expand into fitness and personal care segments

    Practo’s planned expansion into these segments comes eight months after it acquired Delhi-based fitness and health solutions firm FitHo Wellness Services Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru: Practo Technologies Pvt. Ltd, one of India’s most funded online healthcare start-ups, has decided to look beyond doctors and diagnostic labs and expand to spas and fitness centres. The categories have […]