Lowes Mothers Day coupons spreading on social media are a scam

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An online coupon for Lowe’s that is making the rounds on social media is actually a scam.

A post, which has appeared on Facebook, states that the home improvement chain is giving away $50 coupons to celebrate Mother’s Day, according to CNN. All you have to do is take a survey.

Clicking the link to the survey brings you to a page with the Lowe’s logo and the survey questions.

The whole thing is actually a phishing scam designed to gather victims’ personal information, CNN said.

Lowe’s has told multiple media outlets that the survey is a scam and not affiliated with the company.

Similar Mother’s Day coupons have been found on Facebook for other chains including Home Depot, Target and Ikea, CNN said.

The “coupons” have also appeared in denominations of $30 and $100, according to The Washington Post. Authorities have warned anyone who sees the posts not to click on their links or answer their questions.

The Better Business Bureau noted that few companies can afford to give away $50 gift cards to anyone who answers a few questions, the Post said. Participants in legitimate surveys are sometimes entered into a drawing for a gift card or a small discount, but that’s about it.

By using Facebook for the scam, crooks raise the chances that users will pass the “coupons” to their friends, according to the Post. Similar past scams have involved fake coupons from Amazon and Costco, among others.

The Better Business Bureau advised users to be sure of who is offering online coupons, read the fine print on offers and be cautious of popup offers, according to CNN.


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