How to create thread on Twitter using computer: Know steps

    These are some steps which can help you to create a thread on Twitter using a computer | Picture for Representation Twitter is a popular platform where people can post their opinions and views on several social issues and other things. On Twitter, sometimes more than one Tweet are needed to express views. A thread […]

    Indian govt steps up focus on electronics exports, new policy to outline measures

    The government is drafting the upcoming National Electronics Policy (NEP) with an increased focus on exports as it looks to harness the local capacity in electronic goods, including smartphones built for the domestic market, a top official told ET. The idea is to ensure that there is no excess manufacturing capacity and instead utilise the same to build products for customers […]

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    Want Business Opportunities to Find You? Follow These 4 Steps on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a great tool to help you grow your company, find job candidates, attract key employees, even find a buyer for your business.  Whatever your objective, LinkedIn can be a remarkably effective tool, yet is misunderstood and underutilized by most CEOs/entrepreneurs I talk with.  Like any other tool, it becomes more effective the more […]

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    5 Incredibly Simple Steps for a More Creative Workplace

    Which one would you pick: A job that inspires you to dream up some new idea every single day then work and build on them? Or one that needs you to do the same mindless, repetitive task day in and day out? That’s a no brainer. The first one, of course. The fact is, in today’s economy, a […]

    AT&T Steps Up ‘smart cities’ Push, to provide extra offerings

    AT&T Inc will enlarge its smart town offerings to assist municipal authorities remotely monitor conditionsof roads and bridges in real time and deliver residents cellular apps to stay informed about things likesite visitors and safety problems, the agency said on Tuesday. The employer‘s smart cities efforts are geared toward tapping into a marketplace that some […]

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    fitness Tech Steps Up Its recreation at CES 2016

    it is no longer ultimate yr‘s health tracker anymore. New generation on show at the client Electronics show receives deeper into your pores and skin,coronary heart and muscle to help improve overall performance and health for competitive athletes as well as weekend warriors. From German-based startup HS Innovation comes a related ski gadget with activity […]