Introduction of Educational Technology in India Education

Introduction of Educational Technology in India Education.

Indian education system is one of the oldest education systems in the world though it is not the most technologically advanced educational system as compared to other countries but the recent boom in the technology and internet sector India has taken full advantage of this boom to introduce new technologies in their education system to make it more advance as now they are able to provide education online to the students who are unable to come to a school like we saw at the time of Coronavirus Pandemic how children were asked to stay home and study online without technological help it would have been impossible for the educators of girls boarding schools in Dehradun to teach students and the children future would have been compromised.

Education System Of India Before Educational Technology Boom 

Earlier, our educational system depended heavily on books and a chalkboard classroom but the problem with that type of teaching is it promotes rote learning and the students were unable to gain deep knowledge as they don’t have the Internet facility so they don’t have any alternatives of learning so their knowledge remains limited.

The educational system before was totally offline for every school work was offline so you can’t access any information without visiting and inquiring with the management. There was no Internet or distance learning at that time, it was difficult to study and students had to rely solely on teachers to gain knowledge.


New Indian Educational Technology

  • Introduction of Smart Classes many boarding schools in India specially the teachers of the girls’ boarding school of Dehradun initiated the smart class where they teach children with a smart computerized board and give students a new practical experience which helps them learn faster
  • Using social media to connect with parents help parents to monitor the children’s progress nowadays teachers are creating WhatsApp groups of parents where they directly give child learning reports to parents it helps in building trust with the parents.
  • Introducing Online learning as after Covid many schools and colleges have to change their way of teaching and move from offline teaching to online classes with the help of technologies like zoom meeting or Google meet which become the savior of education and became the medium between teacher and student so that they can interact easily and help the student learn freely without any hassle.
  • Introduction of Distance learning which simply means to study online without actually going to school or college but with the help of the Internet student could learn anything from the comfort of their home. This technology helps the student who lives in an area where there is limited to no institution but they want to study so it works as a medium between institutions and students. They also provide pre-recorded lessons. If a student misses the class they can watch the past lesson just with the click of a button.

Impact of  Educational Technology 

Technological growth in our educational sector had a very positive impact on the student, educator and the management  like now with the help of the Internet students are becoming smarter as they now learn practically with the help of a video that prepared by the educator in which it explains information with the help of graphic design which helps students to grasp the knowledge faster and they able to understand it better than the old way of learning

Technology has made the life of Educator, student and even the management simpler as now all the complex task is handle by the technology like teacher used to teach slowly so that every student can learn but now with the help of pre-recorded lesson he could teach at a faster pace without compromising anything it makes children life easy because now they have multiple soirées of learning from Wikipedia to byjus to YouTube video to Google.  Technology helps the management like earlier for example to keep the record of anything management used to have an in big fat register but now all the data is stored in a small computer and it can provide any information with the click of a button.

Will Indian Education become world-class after Technological boost? 

India Education has grown tremendously in these 4-5 year and just like Boarding school of India has come forward to use the technology in the education to make it more appealing and day by day more schools are using this model and start implementing new technology in this education system and by this, we can hope there will be better days to come and India Education system will be at the top of the world someday.


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