The Airlander 10, the world’s largest aircraft, crash landed while on its second test flight in Bedfordshire, England, its British manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles said on Wednesday. The 92-metre-long aircraft’s cockpit incurred damages after it nosedived during its landing, AFP reported.

Hybrid Air said all crew members were safe after the crash landing. “No damage was sustained mid-air,” the company said on Twitter. The company, however, denied reports by certain sections of the media that the airship had hit a telegraph pole.

The Airlander 10 was being developed for surveillance purposes by the US government, but financial rollbacks got the project shelved. The privately owned Hybrid Air Vehicles had conducted the first test flightof the aircraft earlier this month, Reuters reported.

The manufacturer has promoted the aircraft as a helium-filled giant with the potential to stay airborne for up to two weeks. They claimed that it has the capacity to take-off and land vertically (where the aircraft does not require a tarmac). Hybrid Air had also suggested that the Airlander 10 can be used in open fields, deserts, ice and water. The company hopes to build 12 ships a year by 2018.