Art Museum’s fashion exhibit shows how words make clothing ours


From the “Wear Words: Text in Fashion. On display (from left) are: “Woman’s Dress,” Summer 1960, Designed by Tina Leser, American, 1910-1986, checked linen plain weave, flocked acrylic fiber /// “Woman’s Sweater,” Mid-1990s, Iceberg a division of Gilmar, Milan, Wool, angora, and rayon knit with wool and alpaca knit appliqués and wool yarn /// “Woman’s Strapless Dress and Detachable Panel,” 1998, Designed by Stephen Spouse, American, 1953-2004, printed silk satin, printed silk chiffon /// “Woman’s Two-piece Swimsuit,” Mid- 1940s, artist/maker unknown, American, cellulose acetate plain weave printed on both sides /// and “Woman’s Jacket and Belt,” 2000-2009; Designed by Marian Schoettle, American, born 1954; White Tyvek (non-woven polyethylene) printed with red and blue. TOM GRALISH / Staff Photographer

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