Stunning in Skirts

Fabric Matters

Just like any other clothing, the type of fabric used for a skirt plays a key role for truly ‘rocking it.’ You cannot expect flowy georgette to stay in place, nor can you expect a heavy plaid skirt to give off the breezy vibe. Other than that, when picking cotton or mixed fabric skirts, understanding texture and weave go a long way for the final cut.

The wrap, the fold and the tie

A skirt can be worn on any preferred position- on the hip, over the waist, basically any way you want. But every placement has a different look, based on where the hem line hits, and how the in-between swath of fabric turns out. Pleated, flared skirts, if worn too high, can give the unwanted look of a half-opened umbrella. High waisted skirts, if worn lower, may not have the desired silhouette.

One thing that is a must for every skirt is a belt or a tie. Elastic waists and ties may have their place, but they cannot compare to a belt. Wide belts with large buckles or decorations can transform the simplest of skirts. In case you are not into the belt and buckle thing, go for a fabric belt in contrasting colours for a simple knotted tie or a flashy bow.

One size NEVER fits all

You and your bestie may be of the same height and weight, but the same skirt may not bring out the best in you or her. Never fall into the trap of going into the full ready-made regime. Learn to pick out what works best. This is not a uniform fest, so go the extra mile to work with what works best for you. Hemline too wide? Change it. Want to get rid of the pleats and folds?  Do it. Need a pocket? Add it already!

The pusedo-extended wardrobe

So you have three tops, two blouses, one shirt and four skirts- that is over twenty different outfits right there. Your 9-5 office regular, the best friends’ weekend out, and the casual day off- they can name it whatever they want, you have it all there. The freedom of mix-and–match is parallel to the comfort that you can get only from skirts.

A case of legs and feet

Your perfect skirt can fail if your legs are not up to par. No matter the length, take care of your legs. Do not go for leg contouring makeup though, because that is just plain wrong. Never skip on exfoliating and moisturising properly.

Or you can hack it all by going for leggings or long stockings in cooler days. Again, take care to see where the stockings end on your legs. Stocking with lace edges are a win in our books.

As for footwear, boots to pencil heels, just about everything works for your skirts. For longer skirts, just make sure that you are not stepping and falling over the extra fabric!

Windy days are fine

We know you have this nagging feeling, what to do when the wind rises? Avoid shorter skirts on windy days as a rule. True, not even the Duchess of Cambridge could outpace this irking issue, you may even think if you have to sew in weights to the skirts (Sewing in coins actually is an odd trick that works though).

Learn to prepare for the windy mishaps altogether, turn the fan on at full blast for a few practice runs, it may look silly, and provide your house with excellent cheer-up material- but bottom line is, it will add to your confident strut.

Customise with flair

And finally, the part you have all been waiting for – the option to customise. Do you have a good length of lace lying around? Add it to the outer hemline of your skirt. Leftover applique motifs? Sew them on. You can even add a steam punk flair by adding adjustable ties to transform your floor length skirt to a knee length one- the possibilities are simply endless.


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